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The amount of victim blaming I’ve seen on twitter over the past few days in response to the information released about Youtuber VeeOneEye makes me sick to my stomach. Defending someone who has sexually assaulted another person because they are “OMG famous” and actually attacking and BLAMING the victim is deplorable.
“She should have stopped it” “It’s her own fault” “Guess she shouldn’t have been drinking” and the worst: “She’s lying”.
I’m sorry your hero isn’t who you thought he was. I’m more sorry you can’t grow up enough to admit that what he did was wrong. And mostly, I’m sorry to the girls that suffered at his (or any other YouTubers) hands. It is not your fault.

  • girl: I was raped
  • people: well what were you wearing?
  • people: why did you go with him?
  • people: why didn't you say anything until now? you must have liked it.
  • people: you just want attention.
  • rapist: I raped her but I'm sorry.
  • people: aw it's okay we forgive you! forgive and forget :')
Empath Perk #78


The feeling of nostalgia when visiting older places that haven’t been disturbed by newer energy.

I wish I could take away your pain. That I could hold you and make you feel okay. Someday I will. Some day soon, we’ll be together.

Treat me like shit and I’m out. I quit being everyone’s second choice a long time ago and I’m sure as he’ll not going back now.

I’m so fucking awkward sometimes.

One minute can be nothing. But to meet you, see you, hold you — one minute in my life will be everything.

I wish you were here.

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